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DAIZU International looks forward to working with domestic entrepreneurs, investors, governments and enterprises to jointly create a healthy and benign entrepreneurial ecology.


Medical Treatment

Users can easily perspective the structure and tissue of human organs through hololens, and doctors can project ctmr scanning results into the field of vision during surgery.

3D technology

Opinion Monitoring

Simulate real access, IP address transformation, blocking early warning, support multi-type information collection and anti duplication algorithm

API connection

Product service display

KaiYun Public opinion monitoring system

It is a new media platform public opinion information monitoring system developed by Shanghai daili Information Technology Co., Ltd. (daili Technology)

Construction of public opinion Strategic Command Center

The public opinion command center integrates public opinion +, network security, big data and other product series.

Smart Medical Solutions

Provide a new generation of HD video medical application products and solutions completely based on the network.

Business incubation and joint office

Provide joint office space and whole process incubation solutions for entrepreneurial enterprises.

Building and park agent operation

We provide professional and efficient operation and management team on behalf of Zhonglian bank and provide high-quality resource introduction.

Industrial Development Services

On behalf of Zhonglian, it provides investment promotion agency services for governments at all levels and parks, accurately matches high-quality enterprise investment location information for cooperation areas, integrates Internet investment promotion means and efficient offline services, and assists enterprises to settle down.

Industrial consulting services

Provide the government and industrial parks with comprehensive and professional overall planning scheme for investment attraction, industrial research and positioning report, evaluation report, policy research report, due diligence review of investment projects and other services.

Investment promotion meeting

Within the scope permitted by law, the economic benefits of tax saving shall be obtained as far as possible through prior planning and arrangement.

Our services

Industrial real estate investment agency services

With years of rich experience in the field of industrial real estate, DAIZU is a network wide promotion channel,Professional investment consultant team to help you quickly meet the needs of enterprises.

Logistics real estate investment agency services

DAIZU has been deeply engaged in the field of logistics real estate investment promotion for many years. It has a network wide promotion channel and a professional investment promotion consulting team to help you quickly meet the needs of enterprises.

Commercial real estate investment

DAIZU has excellent brand library and project library in the field of commercial investment promotion. Combined with advanced information system, it can quickly build a docking bridge for brand merchants and commercial real estate developers and complete landing services.

Office building investment agency services

With strong online promotion channels and investment consultants with profound industrial knowledge, DAIZU breaks the traditional investment agency model, provides unique and efficient investment services for office building operators, and helps partners achieve investment objectives.

Solutions for regional economic development and operation

Government investment solution

Covering the local resources of more than 10000 government units across the country, the professional site selection team provides considerate services throughout the whole process, and provides efficient and accurate help enterprise site selection consulting services for enterprise site selection, factory site selection, foreign capital site selection and other projects.

Overall solution for investment attraction of Industrial Park

Deeply understand the pain points of investment attraction in the park, combined with highly professional services such as investment attraction big data and cloud platform, assist the park in positioning industrial development, building investment attraction team, improving industrial policies, and achieving investment attraction task indicators.

Overall solution of industrial real estate

Through years of experience in the investment promotion industry, DAIZU can provide high-quality and efficient project investment promotion solutions and park operation solutions for industrial and commercial real estate developers, and help customers easily realize high return on investment

Enterprise location solutions

Investigate and evaluate the industrial layout, carrier resources, industrial chain and industrial development policies of the enterprise location area.

Product Price

New energy enterprises seek 100 mu of land (ID: 140161)

Electric vehicle
Vehicle manufacturing
neighbouring regions

Decoration enterprises seek 150-200 mu of land (ID: 171443)

Leading decoration enterprise
The output value is 1.5 billion yuan
North China
Northeast region

Food industry giant seeks 600 mu of land (ID: 203581)

Listed enterprises
Net profit
Over billions
Hubei region
project investment

Private enterprises seek 5000 mu of land (ID: 152294)

Extra large
Private enterprise group
32 billion a year
Southwest, Northwest
Hunan, Hubei

Management team

Management Office
Professional investment
Joint office operator
Internet plus hatchery area
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Company organization
Product quantity
Serving customers
solve the problem

User after-sales evaluation

Mr Ma CTO of XX technology company

As a representative of the incubator industry, DAIZU really manages every project with great care. Our leaders often inspect the work, so I don’t have to give special instructions for the work assigned to Daizhong.

Miss Li Director of XX training institution

For every job entrusted to DAIZU, we are very confident that every project is very important to us, so Daizhong LIANHANG is our first choice.

Ms. Zhao Manager of XX foreign trade company

DAIZU is trustworthy. In our more than ten years of cooperation, Daizhong team has always maintained a dedicated after-sales attitude. I am very satisfied, and our colleagues are also very satisfied. Give Daizhong some praise.

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