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Commercial real estate comprehensive investment promotion service provider

DAIZU has excellent brand library and project library in the field of commercial investment promotion. Combined with advanced information system, it can quickly build a docking bridge for brand merchants and commercial real estate developers and complete landing services.


Service Content

Pre Project Consultant: urban and regional commercial market research and judgment, mall competition strategy analysis, project positioning analysis, format combination, rental and sales strategy.

Shopping mall leasing agency: phased marketing strategy for shopping mall investment attraction, brand placement and rent, lease negotiation, control of brand entry process, and preparation for shopping mall opening.

Operation management: Tenant intelligent management, mall promotion support, brand merchant maintenance and adjustment.

Our advantages

Brand resources: 40000 + brand resources, full format and cross regional coverage.

Cloud platform: the project cloud platform makes the whole process of brand entry transparent and controllable.

Professional team: well-known project operation experience, keen market insight


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