720 ° panoramic shooting

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720 ° panoramic shooting

720 ° panorama, also known as 3D real scene, is a new rich media technology. Daizhong’s 720 ° panorama is collected by full HD equipment, and then specially combined by professionals, so that the viewer can stand in the painting environment and show the park in the form of panorama, so as to help customers better understand the park and carrier information and find an ideal investment environment.

720 ° panoramic product features

The panoramic kernel driver is used to connect with domestic advanced VR display equipment to truly feel the on-site environment.

Integrate self-developed plug-ins – map pointer, dynamic annotation, multi-level menu, rolling subtitles and other functions to multimedia display the information of the park.

Special processing and optimization shall be made for the mobile terminal. Mobile browsing can directly dial the contact number to fully tap the feedback effect in the later stage.

The independent technical team can customize the development according to the different needs of customers to meet the different needs of customers.

Comparison of similar multimedia display products

Production cycle / 1-3 days / longer production cycle / longer production cycle / 7-15 days, controllable cycle

Interactivity / none / none / the cost of animation interaction is too high, the market application technology is immature / add dynamic function buttons to realize interactive display.

The display effect / angle is single, the picture frame is small / the angle of view is limited, the content is limited by the shooting method / the picture is rough, there is no real environmental experience / high fidelity restores the shooting scene, adopts VR display function, can be equipped with VR glasses, immersive experience and immersive effect.

More details / yes / no / the higher the requirements for details, the more expensive the cost / HD Digital SLR camera, highly restore the scene.


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