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Office building investment agency services

With years of rich experience in the field of industrial real estate, the promotion channels covered by the whole network and the professional investment promotion consulting team, Daizhong LIANHANG will help you quickly meet the needs of enterprises.

Whole process Leasing Service: match enterprise customers according to office building positioning and demand analysis, and undertake investment promotion task indicators.

Intermediary agency service: relying on hundreds of thousands of enterprise resources, recommend potential customers and provide project resources.

Product advantages

Based on actual combat experience, 12 years of investment promotion experience, 500 + investment promotion team and 54W + project docking experience, investment promotion big data supports a large number of national project data, carrier data and industrial transfer dynamic data. The result oriented service purpose is different from companies that only do research and consultation. DAIZU is more willing to undertake the subsequent entrusted investment promotion and landing services of the government.

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