Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Shenghua Group on behalf of Zhonglian Bank

On the afternoon of November 2nd, Zhang Hao, Executive Vice President of the Heilongjiang Youth Private Entrepreneurs Association and Chairman of Shanghai Shenghua Group Harbin Shenghua Jiatong Electric Power Technology Group Co., Ltd., visited the Harbin Business University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, a member unit of the Heilongjiang Youth Association’s Vice President Unit and the Representative Alliance, for research and inspection. Dai Yiye, Vice President of the Provincial Youth Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of Daizhong Company, accompanied the inspection and exchange, and warmly welcomed Chairman Zhang Hao’s visit to the industrial park for inspection and research. He also introduced the development process of the company’s co construction of the entrepreneurship park with Harbin Business University; After in-depth discussions and exchanges, both parties have reached strategic cooperation and signed a cooperation agreement on the transformation and upgrading of technology achievements, technology empowerment of enterprises, and promoting high-quality development of enterprises.

Daizhong Company will provide the highest quality and efficient technological services, provide specialized and new technological achievements, and firmly support the construction of this project. We will do our best to provide thoughtful and meticulous services for the project, especially in empowering the transformation and upgrading of the physical industry in terms of technological information, technological achievement transformation, and technology. At the same time, with strong support from all sectors of society, both parties agree to provide each other with excellent services and reliable guarantees in various aspects such as development strategy, positioning, ideas, and direction, forming close cooperation and contributing to the development of Longjiang’s technology industry.

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