The general manager of Daizhong Company and his delegation visited Zhuhai and landed the project

In order to accelerate the pace of industrial revitalization, seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, accelerate the development of digital economy and creative design industries, and achieve lane changing overtaking. On October 29, Dai Yiye, the general manager of Daizhong Company, visited Zhuhai to inspect the landing project jointly constructed with Huafa Group. Feng Fengmei, the deputy head of Jinwan District, Wang Weiwei, and the deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jinwan District, Zhuhai jointly attended the inspection of the landing project, and they worked together, exchanged friendly information and needed each other.

Feng Fengmei, the deputy head of Jinwan District, believes that Jinwan District should seize the major opportunities of Shenzhen’s industrial spillovers and industrial transfer, concentrate on strengthening investment attraction, take the initiative and concentrate on making Jinwan become the main position of Zhuhai’s “industry first” with the strongest team, the best mechanism and the highest efficiency, closely following the city’s top ten industrial maps and the “5+2+N” industrial development direction of Jinwan District. He affirmed that Dai Yiye, the general manager of Daizhong Company, had visited Zhuhai to investigate the completion of the landing project jointly constructed with Huafa Group, and expressed his attention to the future development of both sides!

Founded in 1980, Zhuhai Huafa Group Co., Ltd., the same age as Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, is the largest comprehensive state-owned enterprise group in Zhuhai and a well-known leading enterprise in China. It is a leading enterprise in implementing Zhuhai’s “industry first” strategy, and also a leading enterprise in Zhuhai’s development of new energy industry. Since 2016, it has been ranked among the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” for seven consecutive years, and ranked 183 in 2022. It was successfully selected as the “Double Hundred Enterprises” of the State Council’s state-owned enterprise reform and was awarded the national benchmark.

Li Guangning, the general manager of Huafa Group, accompanied Dai Yiye, the general manager of Daizhong Company, to Zhuhai for a project investigation, visited municipal projects, and looked forward to future cooperation, saying that we should overcome difficulties and make progress. We will earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, actively seize the major historical opportunity of “four areas overlapping”, adhere to high-quality development, put stability first, seek progress while maintaining stability, and forge ahead bravely. Provide the greatest sincerity for the next landing project.

After the visit, Dai Yiye said that in order to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Daizhong would continue to deepen the entrepreneurship and innovation track, and would make efforts to promote the implementation of projects. In addition, it actively responds to the provincial policy guidance, makes use of its own strategic and resource advantages in cooperation, and takes the promotion of platform economy as the support,


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