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Sales hotline 0451-81320128 / email   Land resource cloud platform Land resource cloud platform is an intelligent platform that focuses on the whole life cycle of land bidding, auction and listing, relies on data analysis and uses the Internet to realize the integration of land resource operation and management, including:   land administration Transaction management contract management Statistical analysis and other main functional modules. Solution With the help of the platform, online record operation, information sharing and improve work efficiency. Perform data analysis on multiple dimensions and quickly view the data analysis results as needed. Focus on the whole…

Financial Shared Service Center

Sales hotline 0451-81320128 / email Financial Shared Service Center Standardize the financial system, control the risks in the whole process, escort the enterprise and save worry and safety 1. Financial approval system: establish internal control system through process setting, improve financial system, online real-time approval, convenient and fast, and clear rights and responsibilities. 2. Fund collection and payment: online and offline dual supervision to ensure the safety of enterprise funds, real-time monitoring of funds and timely early warning of abnormal conditions. 3. Bookkeeping + tax declaration + Invoicing: carry out accounting treatment according to the requirements of accounting standards…

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