Damle Incubator

Management Office

Harbin daimle Business Incubator Co., Ltd. was established in February 2018, Located in Harbin new area (Heilongjiang free trade zone – Harbin area). At present, it is the only specialized maker space incubator in Heilongjiang province that focuses on medical science and technology incubation and investment. Focusing on the innovation driven development strategy of Heilongjiang Province and the core needs of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Daimler incubator constantly stimulates the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship, integrates scientific and technological resources, improves service functions, and enhances entrepreneurial value-added Service capability and level, through the continuous development of the incubation platform, add new momentum and advantages, and promote the high-quality development of the platform.

Daimler Incubator Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D, incubation and technology transfer of the world’s cutting-edge science and technology such as Internet, power electronics and biomedicine, and commercializes and localizes it. The incubator transfers advanced technologies and projects from Russia, South Korea, New Zealand and other countries to China by means of joint venture, cooperation, technology transfer and authorization, and provides support for domestic entrepreneurial teams by means of investment and technology shares. We should set up a good incubator for entrepreneurs, fully integrate the policy integration and synergy, realize innovation and entrepreneurship, integrate online and offline, incubate and invest, and combine Internet plus with scientific research to provide good working space, cyberspace, social space and resource sharing space for the majority of innovative entrepreneurs. Combined with reality, simplify procedures, and reduce the threshold of innovation and entrepreneurship for good projects.

Daimler Incubator Co., Ltd. is an integrated all-round service platform for joint office and medical technology enterprise incubation. Improve the operation efficiency and service quality through the integration of software and hardware, improve the service system and strengthen the brand effect; Build the park into an organic scientific and technological innovation ecosystem.

The Daimler incubator park is equipped with management office, office service area, conference roadshow area, reception room, small conference room, professional medical technology incubation area, medical technology theme online experience hall and other functional blocks. The base has a sound organization, complete public service facilities and management personnel.

Daimler incubator makes precise efforts around industrial functions to create innovative industrial clusters. Adhering to the basic concept of “specialized operation, clustered service and international cooperation”, the degree of marketization has gradually increased, the level of specialization has continuously improved, the service system has been continuously improved, the construction and operation characteristics are distinctive, and the effect of incubating enterprises is remarkable. A new science and Technology Entrepreneurship Incubation Mechanism and model are gradually being formed to cultivate entrepreneurial talents, It has played an important role in promoting the innovation and Entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises and creating a good innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere.

We should stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, create and enhance local innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and constantly nurture and incubate small and micro businesses in the fields of creativity, medical technology, environmental protection and e-commerce, and promote transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We should focus on innovative and entrepreneurial intellectual resources, service resources and industrial resources, and create innovative business incubators. Make the incubation base become a regional innovation and entrepreneurship center with demonstration and leading role.

Daimler incubator will give full play to its resource advantages, constantly promote the upgrading of professional incubation platform, empower with innovation, create wind for entrepreneurship, and enable more entrepreneurs to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and achieve a better tomorrow in Harbin new area.