Professional investment

ZhaoFu Incubator is a new entrepreneurial service platform built through market-oriented mechanism, professional services and capitalization. It is characterized by innovative operation mechanism, open service mode, low-cost office space and all factor value-added services. It is characterized by the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, incubation and investment, Provide entrepreneurs with high-quality office space, cyberspace, social space and resource sharing space.

The enterprise service center of the recruitment and incubation business incubator is a service institution for cultivating and supporting high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises. By providing physical space and infrastructure for newly established scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, providing a series of service support, reducing entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial risks and costs, improving entrepreneurial success rate, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, helping and supporting the growth and development of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, and cultivating successful enterprises and entrepreneurs. It plays an important role in promoting the development of high-tech industries, improving the national and regional innovation system and prospering the economy.

With the purpose of promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and cultivating scientific and technological enterprises and entrepreneurship, a scientific and technological entrepreneurship service institution that provides physical space, shared facilities and professional services is an important part of the national innovation system, a training base for innovative and entrepreneurial talents and a supporting platform for mass innovation and entrepreneurship. Its main function is to focus on the growth needs of science and technology enterprises, gather various factor resources, promote scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, provide entrepreneurship venues, shared facilities, technical services, consulting services, investment and financing, entrepreneurship counseling, resource docking and other services, reduce entrepreneurship costs, improve entrepreneurship survival rate, promote enterprise growth, and promote employment through entrepreneurship, Stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurship vitality of the whole society.

In order to promote the high-quality development of science and technology incubation system, improve the incubation chain, effectively integrate various resources and services, form a complete ecosystem suitable for the development of science and technology enterprises, and accelerate the improvement of incubation quality.