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Internet plus hatchery area

Dai Zhong Shang Da ZHONG CHUANG has a total construction area of about 3500 square meters. There are management offices, service areas, office service areas, conference road shows, guest houses, small conference rooms, independent office rooms, logistics incubators, Internet plus hatchery, creative incubating areas, Russian electricity business incubators, Chuang coffee and other functional blocks.

So far, there are 346 incubating enterprises and 331 entrepreneurial teams in the park, including 267 science and technology enterprises and 298 college students as legal persons, There are 12 teachers (scientific and technological personnel) starting businesses, 3 returned overseas students starting businesses, 3 veterans starting businesses, 1 disabled person starting businesses, and 316 college student teams; the incubating enterprises in the park hold 150 registered trademarks and 95 patents. Entrepreneurship service activities are held 136 roadshows and 354 entrepreneurial counseling sessions, with a total financing of more than 46 million yuan for incubated enterprises. The total investment in construction and operation is 5.5 million yuan. The total registered capital of incubated enterprises is 687 million yuan, the paid in capital is 54 million yuan, driving 723 jobs.

After six years of development, Daizhong Business University • maker space has been highly recognized by the competent departments and service objects, and has successively won the “member unit of China Technology Entrepreneurship Association”, “national filing maker space”, “Heilongjiang Provincial Science and technology enterprise incubator”, “Heilongjiang small and medium-sized enterprise service platform”, “Harbin Municipal Science and technology enterprise incubator” “Harbin SME Entrepreneurship base”, “Harbin SME Service Platform”, “Harbin college student entrepreneurship incubation base”, “Harbin innovation and Entrepreneurship Model”, “Harbin incubator advanced unit” and other honorary titles.

Daizhong Business University • maker space has established friendly resource interaction and mutual investment relationship with 15 young entrepreneurs’ chambers of Commerce and young (private) chambers of Commerce in China.

Covering 1500 young entrepreneurs.

They all come from influential and large-scale private enterprise successors and excellent young entrepreneurs, with an average age of 32.

The industry covers 49 fields such as manufacturing, real estate, high-tech, culture and education, financial investment and medicine. It has strong overall strength and total assets of more than trillions.

Since its establishment, Daizhong Business University • maker space has carried out international scientific and technological achievements transformation and international youth talent exchange projects. Up to now, it has established exchange and cooperation relations with comprehensive incubators and science and technology incubators in 7 countries. We will jointly carry out a series of innovation and entrepreneurship projects in Harbin, such as the transformation and landing of scientific and technological achievements, offshore factories, offshore company registration, youth talent exchange, Harbin International incubation forum and so on.

In the future, Daizhong Business University • maker space will maximize its brand advantages, rely on the “Daizhong international entrepreneurship base”, serve entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises in Harbin new area and Harbin area of Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone, and contribute to the development of society.