Joint office operator

DAIZU The international business base was founded in May 2015 by Dai Li technology, aiming at helping China’s university students succeed in their business.

Daizhong international entrepreneurship base is an early investment institution and provides all-round entrepreneurship services for entrepreneurs.

As a first-class entrepreneurship platform in China, Daizhong entrepreneurship space not only provides the funds required for entrepreneurship, but also provides a package of entrepreneurship services for business, technology, products, market, manpower, legal affairs and finance required for early entrepreneurship, aiming to help start-ups in the early stage start up smoothly and grow rapidly.

The investment direction of Daizhong international entrepreneurship base is based on the hottest fields of the information industry: Mobile Internet, digital entertainment, online education, intelligent hardware, intelligent commerce, cloud computing and e-commerce; The main investment stages involved are: seed round, angel round and round A. round B will selectively follow up.

The fund of Daizhong international entrepreneurship base comes from global investors, including not only top professional investment institutions and strategic investors, but also well-known families and individuals. They are willing to provide strong support for entrepreneurs and jointly build a world-class start-up company.

Daizhong international entrepreneurship base invests in China’s top entrepreneurial talents. Among the entrepreneurs invested by Daizhong international entrepreneurship base, there are many industry senior talents who have served as executives in large companies and engaged in products, technology, promotion and other related work; There are also entrepreneurs who have successively started businesses and achieved success. They not only have profound accumulation in the professional field and are familiar with all aspects of the professional field, but also have excellent entrepreneur quality.

After several years of development, Daizhong international entrepreneurship base has become the cradle of science and technology entrepreneurs. It has not only helped entrepreneurs create a number of products with market value and commercial potential, but also cultivated many innovative talents and a new generation of high-tech enterprises. Daizhong international entrepreneurship base hopes to help entrepreneurs maximize their entrepreneurial dreams through all-round support, high-end services, global vision and resources; At the same time, we also look forward to working with domestic entrepreneurs, investors, governments and enterprises to jointly create a healthy and benign entrepreneurial ecology.

Internet plus and Entrepreneurship

With the Internet plus this new economic form, we will give full play to the optimization and integration of the Internet in the allocation of production factors, and integrate the innovative achievements of the Internet into all sectors of the economy and society, enhance the innovation and productivity of the real economy, and form a wider new form of economic development based on the Internet as infrastructure and tools. With the development of information technology and network economy, modern entrepreneurship will provide more opportunities for college students to start a business and become talents.

More importantly, the success and experience of entrepreneurship have changed their traditional views and judgment basis for growth. Generation entrepreneurship not only provides employment for college students, but also provides more jobs through the development of diversified entrepreneurship subjects and various forms of entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurship for Chinese College Students